You need a business problem solved, and you don't want to add permanent staff to do it --- here are some typical scenarios:

There's A Problem In I.T.

Outages, security breaches, service issues, development delays, all of the above (?). You see the effects, but don't know the cause(s). You need an independent assessment from an expert. Our assessments address short term "fires" as well as strategic gaps and alignment between IT and the business.  You get a specific identification of threats and opportunities ranked in terms of impact on your business, as well as a roadmap for getting back on track.

A Key Leader Is Leaving 

Enterprises of all sizes, in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, occasionally encounter the need to fill a gap in leadership, whether it is caused by illness, a sudden departure, or a lack of internal experience with a new process.  Decades of experience enable our executives to make an immediate contribution, and our flexible terms put the highest quality interim leadership within the reach of any sized organization.  Beyond meeting the short term need, we optionally offer recruiting and mentoring services in operations and technology areas to ensure seamless transitions.

Your Nonprofit Must Do More With Less

Our nonprofit experience includes many years of operational and programmatic leadership, fundraising, facilities management and applications of information technology.  Our executives have produced results for large national nonprofits as well as nonprofits dedicated to specific local constituencies.

You run a small business

You understand the competitive advantage of technology, but you can't afford to hire full-time I.T. staff