Every TempExek Client Can Expect That:

  • Competence, integrity, objectivity and discretion will be hallmarks of our service to you

  • We will only accept assignments we know we can do well -- in other cases, where possible, we will recommend providers who we have first hand experience with

  • Before accepting an engagement, we will establish a mutual understanding with you of the objectives, scope, work plan and fees

  • We will always tell the truth, even when it hurts; when we don't know something, we will say so

  • We will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of such, and will immediately disclose to the client any circumstances which might influence our judgment or objectivity

  • We will not offer employment to an employee of a client or a past client

  • We will keep you regularly informed of progress, and will exert best efforts to share knowledge with your employees wherever appropriate

  • Our recommendations will be focused exclusively on what's best for your business, not on the latest fad or what interests us personally